Journal of Advanced Mechanical Engineering Science (JAMES) is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal which publishes a wide range of original research and review articles. The journal Editorial Board welcomes manuscripts in both fundamental and applied research areas and encourages submissions that contribute novel and innovative insights to the field of mechanical engineering. All submitted articles considered suitable for JAMES are subjected to rigorous peer review to ensure the highest levels of quality. Original papers which provide an important contribution to the development of mechanical engineering and report on significant developments in the field are encouraged. The review process is carried out as quickly as possible to minimize any delays in the online publication of articles. JAMES aims to advance the understanding of mechanical engineering by providing a platform for the publication of unique contributions in the field of mechanical engineering across a variety of topics including but not limited to:

Engineering Materials and Technology Biomedical Engineering
Stress Analysis, Structures Mechanics of Materials and Solid Mechanics
Fatigue Mechanisms and Machines
Dynamics and Control Reliability
Mechanics Mechatronics and Information Technology
Vehicle Engineering Micro- and Nano- Mechanical Systems
Fluid Mechanics Fuel and Combustion
Aerodynamics Acoustics, Vibration, and Noise
Thermodynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer Composites
Systems and Design Metallurgy
Manufacture Metrology
Surfaces and Interfaces Robotics and Automation
Tribology Robotics and Rehabilitation
Turbomachinery Smart Structures
Combustion Engines Energy Harvesting
Numerical Simulations Applied mathematical modeling
Finite Element, Volume, and Difference Methods                 Optimization
Real-Time and Time-Delay Systems

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