Investigation of Safety Factors through Frequency and Severity Importance Index in Iranian Construction Project

  • Keivan Ahmadi Faculty member of lamei gorgani higher educational institute, Gorgan, Iran
  • Mahdi Rafieizonooz Retrofitting of Gas Equipment Against Earthquake, Tehran Gas Province Company, Iran


The high rate of injuries in Tehran construction indicated that safety program may be neglected. This research has been conducted to identify root causes of accidents in Tehran construction projects and to propose ways to mitigate them. Accident causation factors divided in two groups based on reviewing literatures as follow, distal and proximal factors. The analysis on distal factors shows that the distal factors of accident causation in Tehran are result because of many issues and causes. Some of the serious factors are ‘Cash flow problems’, ‘inadequate budget for supervision’, ‘Lack of relevant experience’, ‘Recruit untrained operatives’ and ‘Reduce project budget’. By analyzing successful safety program implementation factors, the view of respondents indicates that general management in Tehran companies, are not completely committed to safety program and try to neglect safety. Moreover, the departments of labour’s inspectors regularly neglect inspections. On the other hand, lack of workers participation in safety program, has the potential for causing accidents which cause the safety program unsuccessful. Finally, for mitigating and preventing accidents in Tehran construction site, some recommendations have been made as follow: ‘Management should assign adequate budget for designing Section’, ‘Management should have enough and relevant experience and knowledge about the projects’ and ‘Management should recruit trained operative who has enough skill relevant with projects.