Sustainable Use of Chemical in Agricultural Soils and Implications for Precision Agriculture

  • Olusola Kayode Covenant University
  • Ahzegbobor Aizebeokhai, Prof Covenant University
  • Abiodun Odukoya, Dr. University of Lagos
Keywords: geochemical analysis, geostatistics, macronutrients, precision agriculture, soil


This study characterized and assessed the geostatistical variations of some essential macronutrients (Ca, P, Fe, Na, K, Al, Mg and Ti) for further environmental monitoring, planning and remediation using geochemical analysis in two commercial farms. Twenty soil samples were collected at the depth of 50 cm to 70 cm below the subsurface from the study areas that is, Landmark university farm representing the northcentral and Covenant university farm representing southwest Nigeria, respectively. Inductively coupled plasma and mass spectrometry (ICPMS) was used to analyze the samples at the Acme laboratory, Canada. The statistical results indicate that the following pair of elements {Ca-Mg, P-Mg, Fe-P, Fe-Al, Ca-K, Mg-K, and Na-K} are significantly positively correlated at 0.05 significance in the areas. The mean and median test revealed that iron (Fe) and titanium (Ti) content are the same in both study areas. The findings among others imply that deficient essential nutrients can be applied as fertilizers to farmland and thereby enhancing sustainable agricultural production.

Author Biography

Ahzegbobor Aizebeokhai, Prof, Covenant University

Deapertment of Physics, Professor

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